mental health awareness: reach out

Creatives, directors and animators collaborate to promote a mental health message.

A group from the Canadian advertising and animation industries have collaborated to create this animated short to raise awareness for mental health during the COVID-19 lockdown.

This story follows a teenage boy experiencing the world closing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s repeatedly met with the all-too familiar message: Stay home and stay safe. We eventually see him at home, but feeling alone. Viewers are reminded that staying home doesn’t mean they have to feel alone. The spot ends with a positive message encouraging people to reach out to one another.

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Production Company: Animism Studios
Director/Editor: Edward Andrews
Creative Director: Jonathan Guy
Writers: Jonathan Guy, Edward Andrews
Visual Effects/Animation: Animism Studios
Animation/Art Director: Jeremy Stewart
VFX Producer: Kelsy Wittmann
VFX Supervisor: Michael Stewart
CG Artists: Brad McGiveron, Daniel Davie, Jamie Schmitt
Concept Design: Francis Bezooyen
Rigging Support: Victor Barbosa
Tech Support: Paulo Nogeueira

Colour Grading: Sam Gilling

Music and Sound: SNDWRx
Written and Composed by: Didier Tovel
Performed by: Nefe
Sound Design: Didier Tovel
Additional Sound Design: Geoff Devine

sidekick: a short film by jeff cassidy

“SIDEKICK” starring Josh Dallas, Emily Bett Rickards, Tom Cavanagh and Christian Michael Cooper. Directed by Jeff Cassidy.

Sidekick is a short film about a struggling father who uses a bedtime story to convey an important life lesson to his son.

I volunteered my time to help Jeff and his team finish this short film. Watch below.

laundry day

Laundry Day is a 4 minute short film about a pair of mismatched socks and an angry chihuahua. The film is a blend of live action and stop motion animation.

This short film was written & directed by my brother Jeremy Stewart. I helped with camera operation and post production.